new work in my studio. some of these pieces may become an element of a larger installation, but will retain their independance within a larger project.

a victim of laughing chance, 2016, reused printed vinyl banner.

ship of fools, 2016, rubber.

outside is america, 2016, vinyl decal and paint on metal can, paint on wood, iron.

conversations kill, 2016, gaffers tape on floor.

like father like son, 2015, commercial paper targets and acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard, peeled.

untitled, 2015, vinyl decal on cast resin, cotton bandana, nylon flags, gaffer tape on floor.

hold up, 2014, cotton bandanas, plastic mesh, wood, duct tape, mardi gras beads, framed tranparencies. bullet hole stickers, latex paint on metal hellium tank, 2014.

untitled, 2014, compact fluorescent black lights, electrical cord.

house of the rising sun, 2013, acrylic paint on corrugated cardboard-peeled, digital photo from film still (black power mixtape).

untitled arrangement, 2013, gaffers tape on floor, poly bandanas, spray paint on coroplast.

freddys dead, 2013, latex paint on corrugated cardboard, peeled.

untitled (sol), 2013, gaffers tape on floor.